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Kremmling, Colorado

Ride Rabbit Ears from Your Cabin!

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The Smole Family Sawmill

rabbit ears cabin

The documented history of the sawmill is scarce, at best, but here is what we do know. The Smole family homesteaded on Muddy Pass in 1887. They raised sheep and also ran a logging and sawmill operation. The powerhouse of the Smole business was in the draft-horse teams that powered their operation. After working the bulk of the year on the Smole site, the draft-horse teams were housed in Kremmling (at a friend’s Ranch, during the harsh winter months. During the summer months the Denver Boxing Team would stay and work here at the Smole’s sawmill, helping with the daily operations. This working relationship helped the Team with their high-altitude training. In the mid to late 1950’s the Smole family closed the business and moved away from the site.


The property would change hands several times after the Smole family left the county. The old mill then stayed on the real estate market for nearly 15 years. During this time Ruth and her three children regularly drove past the property and commented on how fun it would be to purchase and restore all the buildings. In the fall of 2015 Jeremy and Ruth Nixon were married. Three years later, on Memorial Day Weekend of 2018, Jeremy and Ruth sold their house on the Gore (near Kremmling) and purchased the property. Roughing it in a camper for most of that first year they have done extensive reconstruction on the property. Two cabins have been completely refurbished and have housed guests since November 2020.

The Nixons enjoying the snow in 2020.

The game room is up and running. Complete with a billiards table, dart board and more. Enjoy a dip in the hot tub just outside under a covered deck then come back inside and warm up by the fire.

The Nixons also have plans to restore a few more cabins in the coming years. Stay tuned in for these, and other, improvements to this exciting facility.

Enjoy the sights of these Historic cabins from the early 1900’s yet to be restored.
Enjoy the sights of these Historic cabins from the early 1900’s yet to be restored.