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Kremmling, Colorado

Ride Rabbit Ears from Your Cabin!

Pet Waiver & Release of Liability

  • We are excited to have you here at Rabbit Ears Adventure Cabins and we understand the relationship that our guests have with their dogs. On behalf of the owners and staff here at Rabbit Ears Adventure Cabins we hope that you and your pet have a relaxing and enjoyable stay. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these simple guidelines.

    We require the following measures be taken to provide safety to our staff and other guests.
    • Pets are not permitted in any buildings other than your cabin. (This includes the game room, sauna, or the hot tub). Pets shall always be leashed and under your direct control.
    • Pets shall not be left unattended in your cabin unless they are crated. In addition, if they are left in a crate, they must NOT be a disturbance to other guests while you are away.
    • As we do not have designated dog areas, we require that you please pick up after your pet to ensure our grounds are enjoyable for everyone. There are two locations that you can dispose of your dog’s waste after it has been placed in a plastic bag.
    • In each cabin you will find a “doggy blanket “this is for your pet’s use either on the floor OR to place over the bedding should you allow your pet to sleep on the bed with you. It is our preference that you do not allow your pet to get on the furniture or the beds. Be advised that we do charge for excess cleaning due to dog hair and dirt on bedding and or furniture.
    • To pay all additional cleaning and /or repair costs necessitated by my pet during our stay, I authorize Rabbit Ears Adventure Cabins to charge my card for the necessitated cost of cleaning and or the repairs. Rabbit Ears Adventure Cabins will ensure that any charges will be made within 24 hours of my departure.
    • To take all measures to ensure that my pet does not cause a disturbance to the staff or other guests during our stay. Should my pet cause such a disturbance I agree to either shorten my stay or find another place for my pet to stay. I agree that should I have to shorten my stay due to my pet I am responsible for the full cost of my booked stay and there will be no refunds given to me for any reduction in number of days/nights from the booked days/nights.
    • To assume full responsibility, financial and otherwise, for any injury to any person and damage to any property caused by my pet. I will fully indemnify and hold harmless Rabbit Ears Adventure Cabins, its owners, agents, and employees from any claims and damages including costs and attorneys’ fees for any damage to any person or property caused by my pet.
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